February 28th, 2011 - The State Journal Register - Actively building relationships with Law Enforcement provided YALE the opportunity to assist the Springfield Illinois Police Department -Springfield Springfield Police Department Adds Four Police Dogs

April 1st, 2011 - Yale Security Systems, Inc. acquires Lincoln, Nebraska based Security Services, Inc.

April 28th, 2011 - Omaha, Nebraska based CKL Investment Enterprises, LLC., operating as JWCL Security, has been acquired by Yale Security Systems, Inc. JWCL provided Security Patrol Services throughout the Metropolitan Omaha area.

June 2, 2011 - Yale Security Systems, Inc. was honored in a Letter of Appreciation by St. Louis County Police Chief Col. Timothy Fitch for supporting and assiting the St. Louis County Police Department in obtaining pet care and training supplies for their K-9 units.

July 6, 2011 - Memphis, Tennessee based Hoorah Security, LLC. has been acquired by Yale Security Systems, Inc. Hoorah Security provides Security Patrol and Security Guard Services throughout the Metropolitan Memphis area.

August 31, 2011 - Springfield Illinois Police Department Chief Robert Williams, Jr. acknowledges Yale Security Systems, Inc. with a Letter of Appreciation for its contributions to the Department and community.