What you should know before selecting or contracting a security provider?

When you are researching and selecting a security provider for security services, it is important to recognize that all security companies are not created equally. Some security companies cut corners to give you a low bid. In many cases this price cutting is on the backs of their employees through low wages, no holiday or vacation pay or benefits. Service quality suffers from high turnover due to a company not being able to attract and retain quality employees because of low paying wages and poor benefits. Another cost cutting area that can increase your liability is to cut overhead costs by lowering insurance coverage limits or to reduce or eliminate training.

Additional questions you should ask:

  • How long has the security company been in business?
  • Does the company specialize in the services you need in a niche market, such as healthcare and gated communities? Or is the company a generalist just after volume billable hours?
  • Does the company provide a multi-million dollar General Liability, Automobile and Workers Compensation insurance coverage?

The old adage “you get what you pay for” is firmly entrenched in the security industry. So be careful and be sure to ask the tough questions and select the company that is right for you and will protect your interests and not just collect a check.

Outsourcing Your In-house Security

Is outsourcing your existing in-house and employee security team right for you? It is if you want to:

  • Reduce security program costs
  • Retain control and accountability
  • Have the ability to quickly adapt to changing needs
  • Reduce risk and liability exposure

Compare your current cost with a proposal from a professional and qualified contract security company. Watch out for low bidders in your comparison. See above for what to look out for.

If you are considering outsourcing your security department, contact Yale Security Systems, Inc. today. We would be happy to assist you in a no obligation cost analysis.